What payment methods are available to rent a car ? (Debit Card/ Credit Card / cash...)

Some countries may only accept credit cards unless you have pre-paid for your rental, in this instance you will need to show the debit card used to pre-pay and must also have a credit card for the purpose of a deposit.

Please use the Terms & Conditions section on our website to find out what is accepted in the specific country in which you will be renting.

 The payment options can be different depending on the rental country:

Payment Method 

Accepted or not


Not Accepted 


Not Accepted 

Credit cards 

Accepted always 

Debit cards 

Accepted partially - it depends of the country or origin and the rental country - Be careful in France 

Accredited, prepaid or preloaded cards 

Not accepted 

Hire vouchers 

Accepted always 

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