Can I cancel my booking?

Please note that you will only be able to modify or cancel a reservation made online by yourself with the Europcar website. 

You will not be able to amend online a booking that was made or modified by our Reservations Service Center, Travel agency or a Third-party website(exemples Expedia, RentalCars,…). 


In this case contact them directly to make any changes to your reservations.

  • You may cancel your reservation by using the same booking channel as the one used for your reservation. 
  • Cancellations made through the Europcar reservation website will take effect when recorded in the Europcar reservation system. 
  • Cancellation is free of charge up to 48h before the start of the rental day, otherwise it is 50€ (or in another currency depending of the rental country). For more details, please visit  this page and the select your rental destination. 
  • If you fail to collect the vehicle in due time, and have not canceled, a fee of 95 EUR (depending on local currency), or the whole price of rental if value is lower, will be charged.

Cancel your booking online by yourself to save time: 
If you have an Europcar Account, or booked directly on the with your email address

👉 Steps to cancel via your Account: 

1. You can connect to your account or directly go on the link "Manage my booking" and cancel your reservation by yourself. 

Once you are connected, Click on the Existing booking and cancel the booking: 

👉 Steps to cancel your booking via "Manage your booking" section: 

1. Click on this link, you will arrive on the window below. 
To manage your booking, you need
  • the name of the driver
  • or email address used to book your car 

2. Once you find your booking, you will arrive on a page where you can manage your booking (cancel, modify or add extras) Click on the Cancel my booking button.

3. Once you click on cancel my booking you will have a pop up to confirm the cancellation.  You will receive a confirmation email.

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