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What are the requirements of my licence?

Drivers (and additional drivers) must be in possession of a full, unendorsed driving licence which they have held for at least 2 YEARS prior to the commencement of the rental. Licences must be produced in person at the Europcar location at the time of collection. Drivers must be in possession of their licence at all times when driving the vehicle. If a driver has any endorsements on their license, they must contact our Reservations Department prior to booking as there may be restrictions on renting. Failure to inform us of endorsements will result in the driver being refused the vehicle and forfeiting any deposit taken. Licences must be from the country of permanent residence. NON-EU/EEA driving licences cannot be accepted if the holder has been resident in Ireland for more than 12 months. Holders of UK, US, Canadian, Australian and all EU member states are NOT required to supply an International Driving Permit (IDP).  International Driving Permits where required, MUST BE accompanied by the original domestic licence of the driver. This is clearly stated on the international permit. An International permit presented without the domestic licence, will not be accepted.

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